Film: 10819

Feature Drama | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Religious drama set in a Mennonite community.

Eric tries his hand at farm work. He cuts his hair and shaves off his mustache. Goes to the stock yards, John's dad makes a good bargain. Eric says a few words at the Harvest service. Nighttime hay ride with Hazel, they kiss. Eric starts a new job at a fruit and supermarket. He bonds with John's mother. Eric and Hazel drive around in the car through covered bridges through the pleasures of the Pennsylvanian countryside. They go to a house renovation and the young people make fun of one of the girls. He goes to talk to her. Skating. He can't skate and falls all over the place.
Eric is disappointed by the Mennonites. His boss Rufus harbours illegal Puerto Ricans to work in his store. Eric has a burst out in a meeting. Eric finds Sarah, the girl who is picked on in the back of his car. She tells him about her father's suicide. Jim and Eric go back for christmas. Good scenes where a woman complains about a products to a counter clerk.
Christmas celebrations. With great preparations, the father is given a new rocking chair. The mother come sin with a massive great turkey. Eric and Hazel have their goodbye. He says goodbye to Ely.

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