Film: 10825

Feature Comedy | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Comedy with criminals.
Clock strikes 12. Woman talks on phone whilst in bed. She has curlers and a hairnet. Man and woman team bail people out of jail, strictly small time at $5 and $10 a time, till he takes a $25000 bail job. She is the brains of the outfit and is sassy. Accident prone man sits on woman's bag placed on a bar stool in a coffee bar. In trying to hammer clasp back into shape (with her shoe) he hits her finger, and then they both bend down and knock heads.
Old man sits in chair. He has a cord round his neck and has been strangled. Woman discovers body but discretely leaves so suspicion doesn't fall on her. Secretary discovers body, shakes him, he falls to floor and she screams. 5 Boardroom members come running. They all cast looks at each other. One is probably an embezzler, and then a murderer! The bail couple turn detectives. Slow car chase in California. Car driven by woman overhauls car driven by man and pulls to a stop in front of him. They say to one another - 'It's you again!' She thinks she is pursuing an absconding felon, an man on the run. The two get into car together, pull out and drive off.
Man throws cigarette down and goes to talk to other man.
Drive through countryside on winding road in woodland with lots of back projection. Woman tells man to stop the car as she wants to get out. He lets her out and drives off.
In big house man wanders round hall or library. Woman climbs through window and lift Venetian blinds so she can slip inside house. She sneaks around and opens a door. Man keeps on looking for something on table or near books or in drawers. Woman hides under table. He enters room and keeps looking.

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