Film: 10826

Feature Comedy | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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Comedy with criminals. Cont from 10825.
Woman is hiding under table. She pulls tablecloth so that books on ornaments above her fall noisily to the floor. Man hears, turns and pulls gun from his pocket. He says 'Come outta there or I'll shoot', but doesn't and lifts tablecloth to reveal woman. He puts gun in his pocket. They talk. They sit with teacups and saucers by fire in grate. She tries to slope off with a book, and he finds a Wanted poster in her handbag. Together, they search house. Drawers are turned inside out. 'I wish we had one of those doodlebugs', she says - a contemporary allusion to the World War Two V1 Flying bombs landing on London. Search for bonds or evidence which will prove innocence reveals a secret compartment. As man slides door of this the arm of a suit of armour raises and 'BANG' a shot is fired. Thankfully woman spots this just in time and manages to knock suits of armour's aim off. Man rushes to wrestle suit of armour to floor and knock its head off before realising it didn't have a man in it.
A plan is hatched. Lots of sneaking about, a gun is fired, shadows. Ludicrous section where woman's voice comes from inside suit of armour, telling gunman 'better drop that gun', which works up to a point, until she collapses, and gunman flees. He is caught and a fistfight occurs. Defeated murderer is taken away. Comedy bit at end with woman in suit of armour and helmet removed, she raises arm, gun goes off and she faints.

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