Film: 10844

Feature Drama | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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See 10843 for part one.
Melody in a coma in hospital. Customers from the bank ID him as one of the crooks. They also ID a picture of the evil Dr Lee Thal as being one of the baddies.
Newspaper man wants a scoop of the story from Tracy.
Dr Learned gives Dr Lee Thal some of the paralyzing formula made by Dr A Tomic. Lee Thal says he has Tomic somewhere safe. Learned gets frightened, she wants to get away. Lee Thal says he put the gas in the bank, and says that they must wait things out. Learned goes home.
Tracy waiting for Learned at home. He says he knows she substituted the formula for water in the sample he took. She denies it. He leaves but puts Pat Patton on the case to watch her. After he has gone she telephones Lee Thal. He agrees to meet her and they plan to leave that night for their hide out, the cottage by the lake. Gruesome says he will go and get her and drive her to the cottage. Pat Patton follows Learned, he sees Gruesome shoot her. Gruesome gets away.
Lee Thal says that Melody will be dead from the coma by morning. Lee Thal knows that Gruesome killed Learned. He tries to gas Gruesome with the paralysing gas. Gruesome twigs and shoots Lee Thal.
Gruesome and X-Ray dress as ambulance men to go and fetch Melody from the hospital so they can kill him just in case he survives. Tracy knows their plan and switches place with Melody who's face was wrapped in bandages. Gruesome changes ambulance with Tracy as the patient. The police are tricked. Back at the cottage, Gruesome orders X-Ray to start the furnace as he intends to burn Melody (Tracy). X-Ray goes to throw Tracy in the fire. There is a struggle and X-Ray is bound in the bandages. Gruesome sees Tracy and shoots at him. Tracy hides in a room. Gruesome throws some of the paralysing gas in the room. Tracy escapes through the skylight. Tracy finds Lee Thal's gun. Shootout between Tracy and Gruesome. Tracy shoots Gruesome.
Tracy's office. Last remaining paralyzing gas bomb put on table. All the crooks are dead. Paper man comes in wanting his scoop, he knocks the bomb on the floor and they are all frozen in time!!!

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