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Religion | 1980 | Sound | Colour


North London Jewish community in 1980s.

Beigel (bagel) bakery, hairdressers, London taxi. Jewish ceremonies.

A large group of men from the Eastern Jewish Community of Stamford Hill, north London, take part in a night time ceremony of the presentation of a new Torah Scroll to the Adeni synagogue in Stamford Hill. The scroll is carried under a marriage canopy or chupah. The procession goes past a building. A lot of the men wear traditional Jewish headgear. Close ups of the men carrying the scroll in an ornate gold receptacle. Many carry lighted candles. Some of the women wear headscarves.
Asher Devere Gershberg speaks outside Moses supermarket in Stamford Hill. He wears a hat and very long beard and very long sideburns. He speaks about God’s creation of the world in six days. Other men stand beside him. Title "The Sabbath Bride".
Rabbi Hugo Gryn leads a service in a synagogue, several children and young people stand near him. Aerial view of the altar. The camera pans up to the decorative domed ceiling. A light is suspended from long ropes.
Rabbi Gryn addresses the camera, he talks about the Jewish Sabbath. Rabbi Gryn and his family eat a meal around a large table on the Sabbath. The men wear skullcaps. There are silver candlesticks and wine on the table. The family sing. Rabbi Gryn leads the family in singing prayers. The camera pans round to various family members.
David Elias and Israel Samson are interviewed outside Moses supermarket in Stamford Hill. David Elias wears a hat and sunglasses, Israel Samson has a ginger beard and carries a bundle of clothes wrapped in plastic from a drycleaners.
People working in the office of The Jewish Chronicle newspaper, Furnival Street, London E4. Desks covered with paper, people sitting at their desks and on the phone, a woman smokes a cigarette as she types. A woman on the telephone looks at a piece of paper. A secretary takes notes from a man behind a desk. Back view of a woman working on a computer. Close up of her fingers typing on a computer keyboard. Office machine.
Two men, one wearing headphones, sit a sound desk, in a radio studio? A young man wearing a T shirt and jacket works at a desk. Two men behind him sit at desks, a third man stands talking. Two men arrange the layout of a page with paper and scissors. A fax or printing machine. A man carries bundles of newspapers from the Jewish Chronicle building, there is a white van parked outside. Rabbi Gryn speaks to camera.
Interview with Rabbi Jonathan Romain at the Weiner Library in Devonshire Street, London. Painting of one of the Ten Commandments (from Bevis Marks synagogue). Hebrew writing on a tabernacle. A rabbi bows to the tabernacle.
Rabbis have a meeting to discuss what is permissible on the Sabbath. Rows of men sit on seats in a hall at the ULPS Montagu Centre. Three men sit at a table in front of them. Close ups and general views.
Interview with Rabbi Abraham Levy at the Bevis Marks synagogue.
Great Windmill Street, London, showing the St James Park Tavern and Paramount City club. There are roadworks and a “Road Closed” sign in the middle of the road which people walk past.
A glass plated shop front with the name Peter Kay on it. A man opens the door and comes out carrying drycleaning.
Two men working in a bagel or beigel shop. One empties a tray of bagels into a fryer. Aerial view of the shop exterior. Bagels are sprayed (with oil?).
Exterior view of a shop called Borovick Fabrics. A black woman holds her little girl outside the shop beside a man. Inside, a man takes down a roll of cloth and chats to a young black woman.
Inside a menswear or tailor's shop a young man holds up a pair of trousers, watched by the assistant.
A car drives past. More traffic, a motorbike behind a car. Pedestrians walking along. One man has a T shirt reading KNOWLEDGE, another man has a top with the Rolling Stones logo on it.
Primary schoolchildren playing in a playground. They wear blue uniforms.
Two men and a dog outside in a sort of salvage yard, there are door and window frames stacked up.
A woman sits at a counter in a costume jewellery shop filled with shelves of flat cardboard boxes. A woman takes a box to another woman and man behind the counter. The woman sitting at the counter holds a sort of tiara.
A blackboard in a beigel bakery/café advertises a cup of tea for 20p. A man drinks a cup of tea or coffee. Another man sits beside him drinking. Another board advertises salt beef on rye and latka. Aerial view of the exterior, people leaving and entering. View from outside of the three men sitting at the counter looking out of the window. A board advertises cream cheese beigels.
David Gryn paints in his studio. A woman talks to a policeman on the street.
Back view of a London black cab driver as he drives his taxi. Pedestrians cross in front of him.
Women prepare food in a large kitchen. A man takes food out of a pan and puts it on a plate. Food is served to people at tables in a restaurant or lunch club, the food is kosher.
Two sailors walk past as a man hails a taxi and gets into it. Wyndhams Theatre at night, showing Serious Money. The two sailors talk to a dwarf who is busking, playing the harmonica, and they give him money.
Interview with Rabbi Louis Jacobs in his study about the history of Sabbath observance. Children in school uniform sit cross legged on a hall floor singing, the boys wear skull caps. A woman plays the piano. At a table, a man stands with three children. Close up of a black schoolgirl's face.
Interview with Rabbi Bob Shafritz. Interview with two women behind the counter of a newsagents shop, cigarette packets are visible behind them. They are talking about how they prepare for the Sabbath. The woman on the right is Libby Sacks, mother of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.
Interview with the two men outside Moses supermarket in Stamford Hill about how they prepare for the Sabbath.
Boys in skull caps in a vegetable market, women, housewives, look at the food. Three women wearing hats talk to each other. A board outside a butchers or fishmongers. View of the food in the window.
Exterior of Speed Queen launderette, a black man stands outside reading.
A woman polishes candlesticks at her kitchen table. A man walks through his front garden gate carrying carrier bags of shopping. He puts them down to open the door. The house is a suburban semi.
Cooking in a kitchen: a hand stirs vegetables (peas and carrots) in a saucepan on a hob, there are other pans too. A hand slides sliced courgette with a knife from a chopping board into a pan. Hands mix balls of dough and place them into a pan of water. A hand lifts the lid from the pan of courgettes then replaces it.
A woman walks to the door of a greengrocers (there are bananas in the window) as another woman and children leave it. Two Orthodox Jewish men wearing hats are shopping in a Jewish grocers, there is also a young girl. Woman with a shopping basket in front of the vegetable display. One Jewish man pushes a pushchair. The men queue up to pay with their shopping baskets. A woman joins the man with the pushchair. A group of men including Asher Devere Gershberg stand talking in the shop.
Exterior of Sam Stoller's Fish Shop, the sign reads The Fish Specialist. There are old cookers and cupboards outside the shop.
A man picks up two bunches of flowers or shrubs from a stall. A man at the flower stall hands over a bunch of flowers to a woman customer. There are colourful flowers and plants at the florist's stall.
In an off licence, a woman behind the counter puts a wrapped bottle of wine into a bag for a customer.
A baker plaits a loaf and puts it on a large tray with others into an oven. A tray of cooked loaves is removed from the oven. Orthodox Jews and others buy bread in the bakery.
Harry Blacker talks to camera about the Sabbath. Two women spread a large white tablecloth over a dining table and then place candlesticks on it and also two loaves of bread, which are covered with a cloth.
David Elias and Israel Samson speak about Shabbat outside the Moses Supermarket. A woman in her home speaks about her Sabbath preparations. A woman sits at her kitchen table polishing candlesticks for the Sabbath. Hugo Gryn speaks to camera. Two women prepare food in the kitchen. The oven door is opened and a cooking pot is taken out.
A woman has her hair washed in a hairdressers, her head leans back over the basin. The woman looks into the hairdresser's mirror, she touches her wet hair. A man in the hairdressers looks into the mirror, a towel around his shoulders. A male hairdresser cuts his hair. Shots of other customers in the hairdressers.
Rabbi Louis Jacobs talks to camera in front of shelves lined with books. A couple walk along the road hand in hand. Pedestrians cross the road, including an Orthodox Jewish man and young boys wearing skull caps. Rabbi Hugo Gryn in the synagogue. Jonathan Cameron.
An Orthodox Jew pushes a child along in a pushchair. A man looks out of the upstairs window of the Cheshire Street Synagogue. Harry Blacker walks along the road and goes into the building.
A man works in a garden. Jewish people in the street. Children in school uniform walk down steps. A man washes down the food counter in a butchers shop called Rabinowitz. A clothes shop is locked for the night and the shopkeepers leave. Frumkins off-licence is closed and locked. Libby Sacks talks in the newsagents about the Sabbath as a child. Harry Blacker talks from inside the synagogue.
A Jewish taxi driver, Stewart Benjamin, talks about finishing work in time for the Sabbath as he drives his cab, point of view shot through the front window of the cab as it drives around London.
A man wearing glasses and a skull cap, Gerry wise, talks about the Sabbath. He comes out of his house (the sign for Lockmead Road N15 is visible) with his sons, wearing skull caps. Men bow and pray in the synagogue. Young children in the synagogue. Rabbi Shlomo Levin talks about the difficulty of switching off from the week.
Asher Devere Gersberg sings outside the Moses supermarket.
The Gryn family are seated for dinner. Close up of candles being lit and hands placed in front of faces. A boy smiles. Hugo Gryn goes around the table pouring wine from his glass into the glasses of others. A skyline and evening sun. The Gryn family pray and sing around the table.
Rabbi Louis Jacobs speaks in front of books in a library. Hugo Gryn and his family drink wine together. The bread is uncovered and David, the son, says a prayer. Rabbi Gryn slices the bread, sprinkles it with salt, takes a slice and passes it around the table. Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. Cut back to Jackie Gryn getting up to serve food. Hugo Gryn recites a prayer. The family joins in.
View from outside through a window of a family sitting at a table. The camera pans back from the house.
Ends. Continued on 10861.

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