Film: 10861

Religion | 1980 | Sound | Colour


Life in Jewish north London in 1980s. Celebration of the Sabbath. Continued from 10860.

People walk from a London street into a synagogue, under a canopy. An old man is accompanied by his family.
A woman wearing pearls talks to camera in a park, there are flowering bushes behind her.
Asher Devere Ginsberg talks to camera in front of the Moses Supermarket in Stamford Hill, London.
Ceremony of the presentation of the Torah scroll to the Adeni synagogue in Stamford Hill. A man opens an ornate door to a cupboard on the altar. Rabbi Hugo Gryn shakes his hand. Various shots of the congregation during the service. Most of the men wear skullcaps or other hats. The congregation watch as the Torah is carried down the aisle. Close up of the book's pages in Hebrew.
Hugo Gryn talks to camera. More shots of him giving the service in the synagogue. The congregation stand up and slowly file out.
Three Jewish men walk along the street, one wears a raincoat or mac. A couple and a family walk along. A woman traffic warden or parking attendant issues a parking ticket and puts it on a car under the windscreen wiper. Various people walking along the street and greeting each other.
A man with two children and a dog walking on a path through a park (Hampstead Heath or Golders Hill Park?), a woman walks past them. A group of middle aged people sit around a table in the park and chat. People stand at the railings by a pond, a girl runs past. A middle aged couple sit in deckchairs, enjoying the sun. A group of women and children feed the animals (goats and deer) from a plastic bag. A boy and girl play with sticks. A mother holds her toddler's hands from behinds as he walks, he then walks down some steps with a little girl. An elderly couple walk through the trees, the man wears a cap and carries a walking stick, a child cycles past them. Two women sit on a bench. A girl gives a little boy a wheelbarrow ride by holding his feet so that he walks on his hands. A woman sitting on a bench. A young woman sits on the grass reading a book. Shot of trees, panning up to a canopy of branches.
A man wearing a suit with a handkerchief in his pocket talks about the difficulty of observing the Sabbath in a concentration camp. Hugo Gryn talks to camera in close up.
People feed goats and deer in the park. Children and a dog walk past. Two people walk with umbrellas (this does look like Hampstead Heath), the Post Office Tower and other buildings are visible in the background.
A doctor is interviewed in his surgery. There is a bed behind him and a basin beside him.
Harry Blacker (the cartoonist Nero) talks from the pews of a disused synagogue.
People sitting in the congregation of a synagogue. The rabbi speaks.
A man in a radio studio talks about the difficulty of observing Shabbat when he was in the army.
A mother and her young daughter are interviewed, they smile and hug each other.
A rabbi is interviewed in a library.
A big family gathering in a living room or lounge. The men and boys wear skullcaps. Everybody sings. A woman holds her baby on her lap. The children play. A woman speaks to camera.
A red sunset. A family celebrate the Sabbath at home. A lighted candle. Shadows pass over a full moon.
Asher Devere Ginsberg speaks. A crowd have gathered around him and they look at the camera.
Various people from the film wish the viewer a Happy Sabbath.


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