Film: 10867

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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The training and work of nurses in the recently created NHS.
Student nurses.
Operation in hospital. Doctors and nurses.

97ft Car crash. Woman enters theatre in Hatfield.
223ft Woman 'phones to see matron
248ft Hospital
384ft First day, new nurses are greeted for training by matron.
497ft Uniform
507ft First lecture, given to student nurses in a classroom by matron.
602ft Exams. Amateur dramatics.
728ft Morning call
826ft In surgical ward
950ft Childrens ward
1060ft Swimming bath
1234ft Examinations
1537ft Hospital dance
1604ft On night duty
1645ft Christmas
1780ft Row with sister
1850ft On maternity ward. Nurses wait outside matron's office, one is told off for having a sneeky drink, the other is congratulated for passing her exams.
1921ft Attends Caesarean Section

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