Film: 10874

Feature Drama | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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American crime / espionage drama. Man commits murder in London and escapes to the U.S.A. Detective wears disguise and gets married. Much of action on a Pennsylvania railway.

An international gang of crooks, the Holmans, steal a coded paper and send for their London agent John Burnham, to come to New York to decipher it, but Cyril Gordon, a United States Secret Service agent, impersonates Burnham and retrieves the paper. A taxi meant for Burnham takes Gordon to a church where a George Hayne, Burnham's real identity, is to marry Celia Hathaway, who has not seen Hayne in fifteen years. Remembering that he is to "stop at nothing" to save the code, Gordon marries the rich and pretty Celia and leaves with her on a honeymoon train through Pennsylvania, followed by one of the crooks. Celia berates Gordon for blackmailing her into marriage, but is pleasantly surprised by his character. After some adventures escaping from the crooks, they genuinely fall in love. In Washington, the code is delivered and the thieves captured. After Gordon reveals his secret, the couple acknowledges their desire to stay married.

Cyril Gordon (J. Warren Kerrigan) works for the Secret Service and has been assigned the task of recovering some documents from a group of international crooks. These crooks, headed by the Holmans (Ed Tilton and Mary Land), are expecting the arrival of their London man, Burnham (Clyde Benson) so he can decipher the code. However, they have never seen Burnham, and it is easy for Gordon to take over his identity. Gordon gets the documents and escapes -right into being the groom at a wedding. It turns out this Burnham had threatened the reputation of Celia Hathaway (Lois Wilson)'s dead father, and she agreed to marry the blackmailer even though she hadn't seen him for 15 years. So Gordon was obliged to step into Burnham's shoes here, too. Celia, angry at being forced into the marriage, wants nothing to do with Gordon, who can't explain the whole messy situation until he has ditched the crooks, who are still after him. Eventually, though, the truth comes out, and Celia discovers that she is quite fond of this stranger she's married to after all.

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