Film: 10877

Music | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Young Christians in the early 1970s. London Festival for Jesus.
Christian rock and pop music featuring Cliff Richard and Dana amongst others. Also Larry Norman, Rev Jack Filby. Nigel Goodwin. Eric Delve. Graham Kendrick. Malcolm and Alwyn. Judy Mackenzie and Dave Cooke. Peter Hill. Alan Hawkshaw Band and Bones. Gathering of young Christians who look very hippy like at a large country house. London Festival for Jesus march. Long haired Christian preaches to the crowd. Parade or flotilla of boats with banners on the Thames river in London. Speeches to crowd, parallels drawn with Dunkirk. Clips from Dunkirk feature film and newsreels. Man sings 'Amazing grace' people in crowd sing along. Lots of arms raised aloft. Outdoor festival or concert in Hyde Park, Dana singing on stage. Larry Norman comes on stage, sings song and plays acoustic guitar. Brief montage of glittery shops in Kings Road , London. Man on stage introduces Cliff Richard. Backing band and singers, probably Alan Hawkshaw Band and Bones start up. Good shots of crowd. Cliff comes on and sings Christian song. March through the centre of London to Trafalgar Square. More music and speeches. Loaves of bread handed out to the crowd. People in crowd tear off a bit and pass it on. Young woman tries to give a bit to a policeman . He smiles but refuses but does accept it in the end and crowd cheers.

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