Film: 10917

Science | 1980 | Sound | Colour


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Environment, ecology and saving the planet, saving energy, water and stop the rubbish piling up. America in 1980 (though looks very 1970s) - great montage of transport, cars , freeways etc. People turning electrical appliances on. Air conditioning. Young people admire a Pontiac Firebird. Woman learning to drive. Car lots. Chevrolet Camaros on car lot (8.10) Police officer checks a man's driving license. Holiday traffic. Freeways. Dune buggy. Skyscrapers. Lights being turned on. Lights at night. Supermarket. Garbage. Queues at gas station or petrol station. Oil nodding donkeys. Natural resources, gas and coal. Solar power. Nuclear energy. Waves crashing on a shore. Wind power. Bio gas. Hydrogen powered gas bus.

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