Film: 10933

Social History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


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A child goes into an orphanage 1950's
Ambulance is at the scene of an accident, a crashed car and a woman on a stretcher, lifted into the back of the ambulance. Woman is hospital. School is out and the boys in shorts run home. Priest is called to the bed side of the woman, the doctor shakes his head dramatically, she isn't going to pull though. Woman dies. Children are skipping along the road past terraced houses. Boy looks though the letterbox but mother isn't home. He sits on the doorstep to read his comic "Dandy". Priest arrives in his car, he drops his Dandy on the ground. He is taken off to the orphanage.
Airfield near Harrogate, Yorkshire is a National Children's Home orphanage.

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