Film: 10940

Social History | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Late 1960s, youths sort of part way between mods and hippies. Psychedelic London, Piccadilly Circus. Features Stanmore Baptist youth group.
Racing cars. Formula One and Minis and Ford Escorts. Youths out for a drive in a hearse with flowers painted on it. Gang of layabouts lead a young car mechanic, Mick, astray. They are pulled over by the police. Prissy sister has a go at him and her father too for playing the pools. The gang hang out in a launderette. Police are called, copper played by Glyn Houston investigates. Youth night club with psychedelic rock band playing, including flautist / flute player. Hippies in audience. Shots of band playing. Mixed race with skinny spectacled singer, they are called 'Out of…(last word illegible). Hillman Imp driving round racetrack. Driven by gang leader, Steve. Gang leader gets job at mechanic's garage. Gang steal parts while mechanic is out. Mick watches them but does nothing. Sister tells Mick to clean his room. Gang leader talks to Mick's sister in their grocery shop. Mick at club listening to Christian folk group playing with female singer. Mick talks to nice young Christian man in a polo neck. Police find out about theft from garage but kindly policeman Glyn agrees to let gang pay money back. Gang beat up Mick for snitching (although he didn't) Steve saves him. Mick walks along Oxford Street in London. People hanging out around Eros in Piccadilly Circus. Steve wants to drive in car race. Mick has found Jesus and cleans up his bedroom. Mick agrees to help Steve prepare his car for the race. Mick talks to his sister about getting 'saved'. Day of the race. Steve crashes (off camera). Men pull him from the crashed car. He dies but in a twist turns out Steve was turfed out of the car at the last minute. Effect of this makes Steve find God as well.

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