Film: 10941

Social History | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Bangladesh, Asia 1970s.
Lots of faces in a crowd. Women with covered heads, crying infants and people standing and waiting. Pedestrians in a street, men pushing rickshaw bikes. Men sitting on the roof of a moving bus. Crowded streets.
Aerial views over rural Bangladesh, a large wide river dissects the landscape. Back at ground level, footage of distant views of workers in a rice paddy. Small boats on a river. Men control direction of large boats with a long pole. Aerial view of a flooded river. Ganges Delta.
Map of Bangladesh and neighbouring countries. Map showing Holland. Commentary talks about low lying countries and flood potential. A boat, called The Hope, travels along the Jamuna river in Northern Bangladesh. Onboard is a Salvation Army worker who talks about the boat used for charity purposes.
Villagers stand on the bank of the Jamuna river as a Salvation Army boat pulls up. Villagers line up and food is ladled out to them in tin plates. Sign on corrugated iron say “Long Live Salv Army” and “Salvation Army is coming”. View of two new houses in the village.
Aerial views of the river bank and erosion.
A house building project where multiple dwellings are being built from bamboo. A man splits bamboo. Another weaves it into mats to make walls. A man cuts poles. Women planting a crop in a dry field. Crowd of people around newly built homes. Purpose built village. S Army written on the wall.Salvation Army boat continues along the river.
Health clinic conducted at a village along the Jumuna River, Bangladesh. A child with bloated tummy. Another young child gets his ear swabbed.Salvation Army boat continues along the river.
Salvation Army major gets out of a helicopter to a warm local welcome. Villager places flower leis around her neck. She attends to the sick in the village, a crying child and a severely emaciated man who is lying on a blanket in the open. She talks to the camera about her work.
Mirpur Camp Bangladesh. Women and children queue at Salvation Army vans for food handouts. Tin cups of milk are handed out by a woman, while a man in uniform stamps ration cards. Children eating. Children are wrapped in blankets by a charity worker. A small boy looking lost is helped. An ill woman is given an injection in the arm as she lies on the ground. She is covered in a blanket.
Busy city street in Bangladesh. Overhead view of crowded road junction in a town, lots of people. A sea of young people’s faces and children as the camera pans across a crowd. One girl is knitting standing up. Two ox pull a plough. Women working in the fields. Children eat off banana leaves with their fingers. People queue for food in a homeless camp in the south west of Bangladesh. In another line men queue for blankets. An old woman leaves a thumb print as a receipt of goods. She wipes her eyes and is handed a blanket before walking slowly away from the queue.
Salvation Army Health Centre is Jessore, Bangladesh. Sign on building says New Town Health Centre Jessore. Men and women queue in separate areas. Close ups of men, women and children as they wait seated on rows. One woman wearing a burka sits amongst other women who just wear head scarves. A woman carrying an infant enters the clinic and sits next to the Bangladeshi doctor who starts a conversation with the mother, before checking the infant with a stethoscope. The narrator explains the child has acute malnutrition. The doctor writes a prescription. A nurse prepares an iron injection and injects it into the screaming infant’s buttock. A Salvation Army doctor stitches a wound in a young boys face, assisted by two nurses. Outside a nurse sees to children in a clinic, as mothers queue at a small desk. Some upset youngsters are weighed. Baby clinic.
Education. A woman teaches other women seated in front of an outdoor blackboard. They are learning to read and write Bengali. The women speak the words as the teacher taps on them on the blackboard.
Children’s day centre, the exterior of the white building. Inside a woman bathes a young girl. She tips a jug of water over her head. She is then weighed before being dressed whilst sitting on a worktop. Oversized white clothes are put on the girl and she is lifted off the table. View of many children sitting on blankets on the floor, being attended to by nursery assistants. One woman bottle feeds a baby. Another Salvation Army worker in uniform holds an infant on her hip and smiles.
Aerial view over wetlands Bangladesh.
Salvation Army child care services in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Sign for Terra des Hommes a Netherlands funded primary school in Tongi near Dhaka. Children are being taught in large open sided tents. They recite words from a blackboard, shouting out in unison. A children’s home or orphanage in Dhaka. Young children sit outside on a green lawn with toys as they are cared for by local women. A little girl does colouring in. A woman sings and does hand actions with four youngsters. They do a song that ends with them pretending to go to sleep. Kids playing with coloured blocks. A western Salvation Army woman interacts with a young girl and close ups are shown of kids faces. A handicapped child sits on a blanket with his carer. Inside children sit at a table for dinner with a carer and lower their heads to say grace. They are served a meal of rice and daal and eat their meal. A plane on the tarmac at Dhaka Airport with a group of people standing beneath the stairs. Salvation Army women board the plane with young children who are being taken to Holland to be adopted. One child waves as the carer steps inside the aircraft. Bangladesh Biman plane taxis and takes off.
Mirpur Bastuhara Camp, Bangladesh, a camp for people made homeless in the country. Panning view of the village like encampment. Slum housing. People pumping water at a hand pump and washing themselves. Family sits outside a tent. Agricultural scenes showing the family’s life prior to ending up in the camp. Farmer in a rice field. Rice field ready for harvest. Woman dries rice outside. Woman collects water from a well. Women operating a treadle for threshing grains. Aerial view of flooded agricultural areas. An overloaded train, with people sitting on the roof passes the camera. A city street in Dhaka, crowded and busy. Squatters on a railway station platform. A goods train in a railway siding. Back to Mirpur camp and the makeshift houses. Mother and her children. Father is making a fishing net. Another mother sits with her children outside her camp home. Women sort through meat leftovers. Close up of meat scraps with flies crawling on them. A Salvation Army worker pokes at the meat scraps boiling in a pot. Man smoking a pipe. Large family gathered outside a small shack. A widowed woman sits with her children.
Mirpur Bastuhara Camp, Bangladesh
Salvation Army workers at the refugee camp with a long queue of people needing medical help. A sister attends to a crying baby. She feels the distended belly of a malnourished young child. She speaks to the camera, saying there is no hope for the child, who is going to die. Salvation Army Medical van and a doctor hands out vitamin coupons. Medicine is served to people inside the van. A woman has eye drops put in and a boy is given a pill to take. An old man is seen. Ointment is applied to a small girl. Outside the queue is still long. Views of women and their children waiting to be seen.
Housing project is visited by the Salvation Army. The worker opens the door to an empty, new yet simple plyboard house and explains to the camera how the housing project is helping to house people from the homeless camps. A corrugated iron roof is attached to a new build house. Wide view of many new homes awaiting occupants. Brief clip of the hovels back at Mirpur camp. Salvation Army worker leads a mother and her four children as they are moved to one of the new homes.
The poor and starving of Bangladesh. Queues of people waiting for food handouts. Blankets being given to a child. Slum accommodation in a camp. Salvation Army helping people. Starving people lying on the ground, flies around their hands and face. Emaciated people lying on stretchers and a starving child lying in the arms of a care worker.
A Dutch Salvation Army worker talks to camera about the poverty and distress in the third world. Her interview is interspersed with clips of poor people queueing and the Salvation Army helping those who are sick and poor.

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