Film: 10947

Places + Locations | 1960 | Silent | Colour


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Amateur Home Movie. Cruising 1968 Union Castle Line - Africa. Victoria Falls, Garden Route. Zambia, Egypt, Pompeii, Italy.

Aircraft on airport runway. People on balconies looking on. Large River and Dam. Huts - African Village. Sign Tsetse Fly Control. An official sprays the car wheels before the barrier goes up. Two men walking and couple overlooking the dam wall. Car registration: RBA 3363 with luggage rack. Scenic views. Cattle on road with white birds (Cattle Egrets). River scenes, appears to be flooded area with growth showing above water level. Victoria Falls. Zambezi River. Fantastic scenes, fast flowing water. Rainbow. A man and two women pose for photos. Victoria Falls bridge. A lovely mist appears over the falls and a rainbow. Woman on the bridge.
A light aircraft before take-off. Views from plane over the falls. A powerboat and waterskiing. A passing goods train. Overhead view of the locomotive.
Traveling along road. View of white mountain. The Great Zambique hotel.
A house/bungalow with stone walls and boulders. Terraced gardens.
A built up area. Monument. Native Children leaving school. Large family gathering in a garden. Swimming pool. Lillo. Diving into pool. A visit - People wearing white coats and hard hats. Monument/Memorial with a wagon train? engraved on it.
Tennis court and gardens. Women leaving a house with black and white features.
Cape town. Ship at Sea. Port. Night Scenes.
Scenic Fields and hills. Sea. Native flowers and trees. Odd looking Castle. Natives carrying baskets on their heads. Car drives into water on a jetty. Bergville. Oxon working. Mountains. Couple looking at views. Panoramic views with waterfall cascading down rocks. Stream.
Old guns/canons. Railway Carriage. Shipping and boats. Large rowing boats. Lifeboats/passenger boats suspended from ship being hoisted up. Close up of ship and crew working. Union Castle Line. Boarding ship. Views from the ship. African scenes. Coastal scenes. Man climbing tree. Enclosed area. Two large horns forming an arch. Men working with tools at a roadside market. Ship. Large River. Houses on the banks.
Swimming pool on board ship. People diving for objects thrown into the pool. Smoking in the swimming pool! Getting dressed by pool for deck games. Children retrieving apples from baths of water. Womens race.
Coastal view. Yachts and shipping. Traveling by road.
Egypt. Buildings. Pyramid. Camel rides.
Pompeii, Roman ruins in Italy. Gohara Palace Museum. Overhead view of the city. Ruins Pillars. Paved street. Angel statue. Naples? Also Malta?
Ship. Lighthouse and rocks. Harbour. Monkeys on wall in Gibraltar.

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