Film: 10969

Industry + Work | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Clyde Industries Limited, Australia. 1950s

Brief clip of the landscaped gardens outside Clyde Industries Ltd building. A gardener is mowing the grass between colourful flower beds. The postman delivers a bundle of post to the receptionist at the head office. The lady places the stack of mail on a desk. Another woman is working at a Teleprinter. A man sorts post into separate in trays. A letter is opened. Panning view of the in-boxes for the various subsidiary companies into the Clyde Industries Group.

Paul & Gray Pty Ltd. The products they make and industries they serve 1950s Australia.

Sydney. Shipping company. Ship in Sydney Harbour. Cargo being loaded onto a small vessel. Pop rivets made by Paul & Gray in use in industry, attaching aluminium body parts to a bus. An aircraft engine is wheeled by two men. A man in a white coat checks cabling and pipeline connections in the engine. Qantas airliner starts up and takes off. Small boat with an outboard motor pulls away from the quay in a harbour. The boat arrives at the side of a large luxury motor cruiser and is tied up alongside. A woman’s feet as she walks along the deck past an anchor. Camera looks up for close up facial view as the woman lights a cigarette and tosses the match into the water.

Proofwood Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Clyde Industries and maker of plywood products in Australia 1950s.
A boat tows logs up the Parramatta River. A crane lifts logs out of the water at the factory or mill. Logs are cross cut into lengths. Huge logs are positioned on a lathe where they are peeled into thin layers or veneer. Two men guide the thin wood as it comes off the machine and separate it into precise lengths. Veneer is inspected and stacked depending on its final use. Panels are fed through a glue machine and stacked before being loaded into a press. Various angles of the press in operation. A form press being used to put curves into ply. Sheets of plywood coming off a machine and two workers roll the sheets. Workmen with sheets of wood veneer leaning against a van. Close up of veneer grain. A truck with the Plywood company name on the side and logo of Clyde Industries.

John Carruthers & Co and their construction work on the Snowy Mountains hydro-electric project, Australia 1950s. Tunnelling for the project using Conway Shovellers. Large earth moving equipment and rail carts of rubble being moved on tracks. Overhead views of the dam. Engineers and surveyors on site work with hard hats. Close up of blue prints with the John Carruthers & Co name on them. Open plan office with draughtsmen working at their drawing boards. One worker holds transparencies or slides up to the light, before sliding one into a slide projector. Stills of a dredging plant on Stradbroke Island.
The work of John Carruthers & Co in the Australian oil industry. Crude oil tanker ship, named the William Walkley, is docked in harbour. Marine engine. Wide angle view of Kurnell refinery. Close up view of a motor installation outside the boiler room at the refinery. View of inside the boiler room with a man managing the control panels. A rail locomotive in operation at a mining facility. Men perch on the edge of the rail carts.

Clyde Engineering company in Australia 1950s and the railways and bridges they built.
A view of The Spirit of Progress train as it travels towards the camera. View from the driver’s window. Diesel train driver at the controls. Further views from the driver’s perspective as the train journeys through countryside. Men being trained on how to operate a train’s controls. Model of the first diesel engine. Men get a close up view of a diesel engine in the classroom. Aerial view of the Clyde Industries site at Granville. Inside one of the engineering workshops with men at work and large machinery in operation. Lathes, drills in use. Locomotive boiler being built. Welding in the assembly workshop. Locomotive being assembled in another workshop. A Clyde loco is rolled out of the factory on completion. Close up of name plate. In a workshop laboratory, steel is strength tested. View of the Clarence River bridge with vehicles and a train crossing it. Caltex road tanker goes across the Hawkesbury River bridge. View from driver’s cab. Aerial view of the Sydney Harbour bridge and the Clyde built northern approaches to the bridge. Heavy 1950s traffic on multi lane road as it merges under a bridge.

Lucas Heights nuclear plant, NSW, Australia 1950s. Close up of the atomic storage block with tubes being raised and lowered.

Dairy industry in Victoria, Australia 1950s. Milk churns are emptied for processing into butter. Vats and a conical churn spins in the factory. Food processing equipment is made by Willard & Co, a subsidiary of Clyde Industries. The thick butter is emptied from the large churn into a hopper pushed by several men. Butter being cut into blocks and wrapped and boxed for sale. Close up of the stamp on the box – Pure Creamery Butter and a map of Australia, Victoria.

Westeels Industries Ltd, Australia 1950s, subsidiary of Clyde Industries and manufacturer of engineering products. Men are taught to weld. Arc welding class.
Exterior view of the Cancer Research Institute Melbourne. Inside the boiler room a man attends to generators built by Westeels. Boilers and generators. Steam coming out a pipe on a machine. A plane takes off. Brief view of a kangaroo logo on the plane. A gun carriage is towed by a jeep on a dusty road.
Exterior view of the Concord Repatriation Hospital Sydney. Inside, surgeons or theatre nurses in masks, ready medical surgical instruments. A patient is wheeled in on a trolley. Close ups of various instruments. A scalpel is held up to the camera.

Battery manufacturing plant, Clyde Industries Australia 1950s.
Banks of batteries are back up in event of power failure. Banks of batteries at a CSIRO facility. Used tyres are moved from a dump by forklift. A tyre is cut up and fed into a machine, emerging as small rubber pieces. This rubber crumb is stored in large bins before being moved along a conveyor belt and into a recycling machine. The recycled product is moulded to make battery cases.
A machine stacks positive and negative plates with separators. Plates are welded. The formation room in the battery manufacturing process. Dry charged plates are produced and fitted into battery containers. Bitumen is poured in to seal the batteries. Vent plugs are fitted and the batteries are boxed for shipping. Close up of a box of Clyde Drypak Batteries. Forklift truck moves pallets of battery products.

APAC Industries and the products they manufacture in Australia in 1950s.

A VW Beetle is jacked up at a garage. Other cars on lifts. Close up of Alemite tools for lubrication purposes. Mechanic puts grease on the axle of a car. Mechanic shakes hands with the customer. VW is lowered off the jack.
APAC Industries factory in South Australia 1950s. A forklift truck. Lemcol conveyor system for industry. Penfold Wines factory with crates of bottles moving on conveyor equipment. APAC Industries, exterior of head office building. A lathe in operation, producing worm screws for aviation use. Steels products coming off a machine. Milling machine makes precision tools. Machine being serviced with mobile oil unit.

Martin & King Industries in Victoria, Australia, 1950s.
Factory where car body panels are assembled and welded. Panels placed in jig and spot welded. Volkswagen Beetle cars being built in Australia. Complete bodies then progress through painting booths. New paint is polished before trim and windows fitted. Chassis prepared. Body placed on chassis. Battery installed. Wheels aligned and fitted. VW Beetles leave factory on individual test drive, followed by VW pick up (or ute if Australian) and a VW camper van. View of countryside, as commentary mentions plans for a larger factory. A VW Beetle comes to a stop at a level crossing as a train passes. It then proceeds across the railway line.

Statement read by Raymond E Purvis, Chairman of Clyde Industries Ltd, as he sits at a large desk. A brief series of clips from earlier in the film showing the diverse industries that the company is involved in – planes, trains, bridges, welding, boats. The film ends with a flying fluttering Australian flag.

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