Film: 11001

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


R. W. Paul story in parts: Temperance film 1900's

1 Buy Your Own Cherries: In a public house, man lounges against counter. Big barrel of "Brandy" on counter. Barmaid. Men drink at bar. Barmaid pulls half a pint. First smart man buys cherries from man who enters bar, and hands them to barmaid. She feeds them to him. Other somewhat drunk man steals cherries. She demands money. Man gives her two coins. She demands another. He smashes his glass and walks out.
2 The Curse Of Drink: Woman and two children at home. Boy steals food from table and mother hits him. Children hide under table when they hear their father coming. He enters as wife pours kettle. They argue. He is drunk and hits her. He shakes his fist at her. He is about to leave, sees children cowering and he sees the light. The family hug.
3 The Pledge: Pastor stops the man in the street. Persuades him to enter church. Man takes his hat off. Inside pastor directs man to sit - he signs the pledge of temperance and has a badge pinned on his lapel. They shake hands. Pastor reads "Independent Order of Good Templars.
4 Cherries Instead Of Drink: As man passes pub, barmaid asks him in for drink. He pushes her away and buys some cherries from a costermonger's barrow. He holds up cherries and eats them.
5 A Happy Home: His family at home, looking happier and wealthier. Girl runs to greet him. He gives wife flowers and kisses her and children. Gives boy a toy soldier and girl a parasol. Children play with toys. Gives wife necklace which he puts on for her. Girl sits on his knee and they eat the cherries.

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