Film: 11018

Farming + Rural Life | 1900 | Silent | B/W


East Anglia perhaps around 1900 late Victorian farming and rural life 1900's

Hay fields - two horses walk towards camera harnessed together and pulling man on light harvesting machine. Cutting hay. Similar shots going away from camera. Another man rides horse pulling machine which tosses hay in air to aerate it. Man on machine gathers hay up - he pulls lever and releases hay. Sail of boat in background (Norfolk Broads?) Six or seven children play in hay. Three year old boy waves. Children throw hay around, woman joins in. Children rough and tumble. Children hold hands and run in a circle. Children sit and wave to camera. Haymaking - man holds horse's head. Horse pulls large cart. Man uses pitchfork and lifts hay to other man on top of cart. Man lifts a second load. Man sits high on cart and drives horse off. Men climb from sloping ladder from cart to large haystack. Man uses pitchfork to unload cart onto stack where other man helps.

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