Film: 11022

Industry + Work | 1910 | Silent | B/W


A crab and lobster factory 1910's

The stock pool - pan as men walk along wooden jetty. Unloading a smack and stocking pool. Two men haul on rope to lift net out of boat's hold. They take lobsters out of fishing net. They kick large fish around. Fish and lobster. Lowering basket down ship's side to waiting horse and cart. Sorting large crabs. Throwing crabs away. Netting and weighing - using long poles with nets on in the water. Emptying nets. Picking up lobsters. Weighing crabs and packing them in wooden bucket. Carrying bucket off. Boiling and washing - Putting crabs into open topped range and covering with lid. Using large fork to lift crabs out. Washing crab in sink. Some fine specimens - huge crabs and lobsters displayed. Fisherman sits in row boat and smashes claw with mallet and eats the meat.

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