Film: 11048

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Seaside comedy 1900's

On a rocky beach a woman dressed smartly all in white is sheltering in the lee of a groyne and reading a book. A man sticks his head over the groyne followed by another and they pester the girl. A third man wearing a kilt approaches her. She just wants to read her book. She runs off pursued by the men. Men catch up with girl on promenade and she pushes all three of them away. They argue amongst themselves. She climbs over a roof to escape. Scotsman and other two suitors follow. Woman runs and gets in an open carriage. The cabby drives off. Scotsman runs and catches another carriage and cabby drives off before other two men can catch up. Girl's carriage enters a carriage entrance and is followed by second carriage with all three men on. Camera pan right to reveal a bicycle shop next door and girl cycles out of front door. Scotsman follows. Other two suitors follow on a bicycle pulling a wicker trailer. Bicycle chase and girl escapes again. Back on the beach girl gives her bike to one of two beach hut attendants. She enters bathing hut and attendants push the hut which has very large wheels, out into the sea. Suitors follow girl in rowing boats, all pushing each other away. The swimming hut in the sea, the girl goes swimming. Men in boats approach hut and climb onto it to wait for swimmer's return. Girl cannot get back to hut. The Scot leaps out of his boat and professes his love for the girl. He twice pushes a suitor into the sea and carries the girl back to the changing hut. Scotsman stands guard at the door of the hut and fends off the other two suitors. He knocks on the door of the hut, and the girl, now fully dressed in white again, appears. He carries girl off in his arms through the sea.

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