Film: 11050

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Comedy with naughty errand boy 1900's

New errand boy stands outside grocer's or drinks shop, it displays signs for tea and prices 1 shilling and 8 pence, there are bottles in the window, barrels and baskets on the pavement outside, an advert for Ind Coope 'Romford'. He plays around. Shopkeeper gives him a broom to sweep the pavement, and then a doormat to beat. Boy walks to street corner and intends to beat mat against post, but accidentally hits mat against man walking around corner. Boy returns to shop. He puts broom over his shoulder and hits policeman who walks by. Two delivery boys walk side by side down road. The naughty boy sprays other with a soda siphon the second one is carrying in a basket on his shoulder. Two boys play a practical joke on woman in street by attaching a string to an object on the ground. When she picks the object up and puts it in her basket, the boys pull the string and her basket is upset. A man runs to help woman and then chases after boys. As man lectures boys individually (in Wilbury Villas, Hove), they put flour in his hat. They run off as he puts his hat on. Man tells policeman. The next joke of the practical joker mischief maker is to pull a street hose out of a corporation cart and to drench the driver who sits on the wagon reading.
At the shop all the assaulted and insulted adults enter one by one. Boy follows them in and runs out pursued by them all. Man waters his garden and puts hose down. Boy climbs over wooden fence and turns hose on adults as they peer over fence. He runs off as adults climb over fence. Men help the woman over but she rips her skirt. Boy crawls through small hole in brick wall. Adults cannot catch him as hole is too small. Adults are all trapped in chicken wire cage. Boy triumphantly beats a pretend drum, actually a wicker basket.
Boy laughs riotously in close up, he wears a flat cap, and points and laugh some more.

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