Film: 11052

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Propaganda piece about international trade 1900's

Stage with three doors at back. Left door is labelled "Germany" and "Tariff", right hand door "Russia" and "Tariff" and middle door Great Britain with no tariffs. Britain has an open door through which we can see "Manchester Exports". John Bull stands by Russian door. Uncle Sam comes and goes through British door. Russian door is shut on John bull as he holds a basket. He compares the unfairness of the closed-door tariff policies of Germany and Russia with Britain's open-handedness. He slaps his thigh in annoyance. He enters the British door and closes it behind him. It now has "Tariff" written on it. Uncle Sam walks into the door. He is annoyed and knocks at the Russian door. Russian emerges. He knocks on the German door.
[Gap in film].
John Bull shows two foreigners into the British doorway and follows them. Inside John Bull casts his vote in a ballot for "Fair Trade" as opposed to "Free Trade" when people implore him. Britannia sits in the background.
Cecil Hepworth

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