Film: 11053

Sport | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Gordon Bennett car race 1900's

Crowd cheer as cars start a road race. The cars start one at a time - we see three start. Camera well positioned on a bend as cars approach it one by one. As the second car turns the corner the original negative has been deliberately scratched and altered to make it look as if the car has backfired and put out a puff of smoke. About ten cars go round the bend. Another bend and a few cars go round it. Car with driver and co-driver coming to a halt as spectators walk along road appears to have run out of petrol. Driver puts his goggles up as he talks to a man. Co-driver appears to pour petrol into car behind their seat. He throws petrol can away. Car drives off.

(apparently this is 1903 if so then the race was from Paris, France to Innsbruck, Austria) Cecil Hepworth

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