Film: 11057

Places + Locations | 1900 | Silent | B/W


The coronation of King Peter of Serbia. Excellent views of Belgrade and the people. Panorama of roofs in front of River Danube in Belgrade 1900's

Serbians walk along rail tracks on quayside next to river. Paddle steamer on river. Group of five men on river bank. One takes coins (?) out of his pocket and gives them to two of the other men. Group of women. General views and street scenes. Lots of different costume styles. Most women wear head scarves. Lampposts decorated with flowers. Women wear large aprons. Men wear hats. Soldiers march by. Donkey is led as it pulls small cart. People in their finery in the street.
People line the street as royal procession passes. Mounted soldiers, infantry with flags. Crowd.

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