Film: 1106

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Nazi troop parades in Hanover and Berlin. SS, SA, wehrmacht, corps of farmers, miners and diggers. World War Two.

Two lines of German soldiers standing to attention in a field. An officer reviews the troops. He walks down the lines of men doing the Hitler salute, while looking at the soldiers. A soldier follows him slightly behind. Camera follows him from behind the soldiers' heads. The officer stands in silence in front of a large Nazi flag. He begins a very animated and loud speech, where (I believe) he says "Today, we are political soldiers". Different shots of the soldiers listening.
A street in Berlin. The soldiers march down the street, while the officer stands to one side on the pavement and does the Hitler salute at them. Repeated shots of them marching by, and the watching officer, both from varieties of angles. Proud parading music accompanies. Good shot of the parade marching through the Brandenberg gate.
Soldiers march at a slower speed through a residential street in Hanover. Many children walk alongside the parade. Shots of the soldiers' marching feet. The parade enters a large street in Hanover. SA men march by. Townspeople watch and heil at the soldiers. Gauleiter Lauterbacher Gauleiter of Hanover-Braunschweig 1940 - 1941, salutes the soldiers. Good shot of Hitler Youth blowing trumpets. Lauterbacher and officials watch the parade, which now consists of marching diggers carrying spades. Civilian men march in the parade, they appear to be workers of some sort (the shot is too brief to tell). Lauterbacher salutes. More civilian marchers. Lots of people heil the parade. Miners march by carrying axes. Three SA men stand in front of a stone wall, one carries a standard, made up of a swastika flag, with text saying "DEUTSCHLAND ERWACHE" ("Germany awake" - which was a Nazi song). Assembled Wehrmacht, SA-men, farmers and workers respectfully stand in a field watching Lauterbacher give a speech on a raised podium. One farmer has a badge saying "Landwacht". Various close-ups of the faces of the men in the different organisations.

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