Film: 11070

Shipping | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Visit of the British fleet to Southend 1910's

A naval review. The promenade at Southend, Essex. Bunting decorated street as people pass by. Camera pans to Southend Pier. Sailors march by with their kit bags on their shoulders. Policeman directs car and horse and cart traffic. Shipping at sea. Pleasure boats - paddle steamer crammed with people. Spritsail barge in front of large warship which flies pennants. Small yacht tows rowing boat. Ship's huge guns filmed from deck of ship. People walk about. One man carries a camera. People watch the guns move. Submarines 55, 54 and 51 on the surface. Fast ship passes by. Demonstration of depth charges. Busy ship's deck with people in smart clothes and finery.

Short film showing the visit of the fleet to Southend-On-Sea (Essex, England). Shows the promenade, pier and ships out of sea. Shot of pier hill; the street is lined with union flags or jacks bunting and busy with people; pans across to show the promenade and the entrance to Southend Pier. Sailors march down a street; perhaps that of R.A. Jones a prominent Southend shop; a man in a straw hat smoking a pipe walks towards the camera. (a policeman directs horse drawn and motor traffic as the sailors walks by. Shot of the top of pier hill; shot pass to the pier head. The fleet can be seen in the estuary. A close shot of the pier; on the pavilion roof it says "Welcome Adm. And his Tars."; the pier is busy.

Shot of shipping, including a pleasure boat, puddle steamer resplendent in bunting. Shot of a yacht. Close-up of a packed paddle steamer and huge battleship resplendent in bunting. Side-shot of the battleship with its stern in the foreground. Close-up of guns on board; a number of people mill around on deck; pans to show side of deck. Another shot of the guns as their position is loaded. Shot of a submarine 55; with five men on board. Shot of 54, with four men. Submarine 51; pans to follow its progress, many more ships are out to sea. A ship steams past; the camera pass to follow it; it fires a depth charge into the water.

Another shot of the boat. Shot from on board a large ship with a massive cannon many sailors on board as is a men dressed smartly with a hat, other ships can be seen behind. Also a cameraman carries a large camera around the deck of the ship.

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