Film: 11072

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Daring Daylight Burglary by Frank Mottershaw, Sheffield Photo Co. 1900's

Man climbs over a high brick wall into a back garden. He removes wooden shutter from window in order to rob house. Another head appears over the wall, it is a boy. Boy runs to police station. Policeman and boy run past camera. Two policemen climb over wall and jump down. Policeman climbs through window into house. Burglar and policeman wrestle on roof. Burglar throws policeman off roof. Policeman attends to injured colleague lying in the road. Horse drawn ambulance arrives and policeman and ambulance driver take stretcher from back of ambulance. They place injured policeman in ambulance. Chase in street. Policeman catches and "collars" burglar but is pushed down. Two police chase thief down hillside. Burglar and the police run across stepping stones of river. Burglar gets into carriage of railway train as it leaves a station, with lots of passengers looking out of the windows. Policeman disappointed. At next station police officer captures burglar and handcuffs him with the help of a railway porter. People look on bemused.

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