Film: 11073

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Dear Old Boys Home For The Holidays by James Williamson 1900's

Attractive opening sequence with curtains dropping in front. Mother, grown up daughter and maid go to the front door. The sons have arrived. They bring things including a white rabbit in from cab outside. Boys kiss sister and mother. Boys are happy. Maid smiles. At dinner table one boy dances with his father's hat on. Father playfully chases him. At end of meal father puts hat on and is covered in flour from inside the hat. Boys laugh. Boys sit at a table on either side of their baby brother. When they are left alone they draw a moustache, beard and eyebrows on baby and put a cushion on his head. Mother enters and consoles baby. Baby in close up cries with his painted face. Boys play with white rabbit on stairs as butler molests maid.

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