Film: 11078

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


A family is rescued from their blazing house by firemen 1900's

Policeman runs towards house. He turns and blows his whistle. Smoke pours from the window. Policeman throws stones at window. He fails to open french windows. He runs to another building and alerts firemen. Some depart with man pulled engine. Other firemen harness up horses which drive off pulling ladders. Two horse drawn fire engines charge down the road.
Man wakes up in smoky room. He collapses on bed. Fireman climbs through window and uses hose to extinguish fire. Fireman rescues victim. Outside the fireman climbs down a ladder with the man in a fireman's lift. Fireman rescues man's daughter from room with french windows. Man is overjoyed and is led off smiling. Firemen continue to play hoses on house. They prepare a safety net and person jumps from upper window and is caught.

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