Film: 11082

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Melies-style special effects in the haunted curiosity shop 1900's

Man in shop is haunted by floating Egyptian mummy-like head. Head turns into top half of woman. Bottom half of woman joins top half. Woman becomes a shorter blacked-up black woman. Man locks her in wardrobe. She becomes the white woman again as the doors close. Faint ghost appears in front of wardrobe. Man opens wardrobe. Mummy is inside. This changes into an ancient Egyptian, then a skeleton, and a soldier who waves his fist at the man. Man literally pulls the soldier apart limb from limb and puts the pieces in a large vase. Three bearded children or dwarfs emerge from the vase and run around. Two dwarfs disappear. Magician places the third dwarf back in the vase. Puff of smoke emerges from vase followed by blurred face.
Robert W Paul

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