Film: 11095

Feature Comedy | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Cinema Manager and his team 1910's

Main character who performs nearly all the jobs in a cinema looks like a poor Charlie Chaplin impersonator (though this may be earlier).
Man brings advertising sandwich board which reads "Today. Pathe Day" onto sidewalk or pavement. Policeman looks at man in disapproving man. Cinema manger takes advertising hoarding to the back of the pavement. As cop turns his head the manger brings the sandwich board back again. The cop turns and the feet of the manager are seen underneath the board as he pulls it back. Manager impersonates the Pathe Cockerel. Inside the cinema, the manager shows a man to a seat. He cannot read his ticket so he pushes customer into a seat. Woman waits at kiosk to buy ticket. Manager appears and sticks his head through tight opening in the glass window. Woman is surprised. She put down a coin. Manager smiles and gives woman the money back indicating she may enter for free. He shows woman to a seat and takes another customer's handkerchief to clean the seat. Manager pushes protesting customer in face. Projectionist struggles with unwound spool of film. A man and woman at the kiosk. Manager shows undue attention to the wife. Husband twice turns manager's head to face him and eventually pushes manager in face. Manager escorts lady into cinema. He takes male customers' hats off as he passes. Cinema pianist lounges in the background. Projectionist continues to struggle with film which he is now wrapped up in. He falls through trap door and climbs back into projection box. Manager sits next to woman and rests his feet on the shoulder of a man in front. Manager and customer throw each other's hats on the floor. Angry man tries to climb into projection room. Man wearing glasses at the pay kiosk takes a long strip of tickets from behind the unattended counter. Women in the audience are talking. Manager puts his hand over their mouths to silence them. Manager attacks projectionist who is still struggling with film. Manager falls down ladder and somersaults into a chair. Man smoking pipe at the kiosk. He breathes smoke into the manager's face making him cough. Manager climbs ladder to projection room. Audience watch film (which we see on screen), then turn to face back of cinema. Man's pocket catches fire. Everyone stampedes out of the cinema.

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