Film: 11099

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Country bumpkin doesn't understand city ways 1900's

Good street scenes of Paris, France though with actors in foreground.
Country bumpkin kisses his wife goodbye outside their home. He walks off carrying a basket and an umbrella. She waves him off as he walks up the alley. Crowds congregate round the peasant in Paris. He hurries along and asks directions. He takes his hat off to people and gets in the way of a horse and cart. He emerges from a metro (?) staircase and greets the crowd. He drinks from a fountain. He pulls a rabbit by its ears from the basket and lets it drink from the fountain before putting it back in the basket. A man tries to sell him a fan. Peasant takes the fan thinking it is a gift. Man wants money - they kick each other. Large crowd follows man as he descends steps. Horse drawn carriages and buses pass in the foreground. Men congregate round the peasant. Some laugh and he is hurt. Peasant on an outdoor dentist's stand. He rinses his mouth and shows the crowd his mouth. In a street market the peasant gets his hat knocked off his head by the wicker tray a market porter is carrying on his head. He runs for and fails to get on a horse bus. Crowded street traffic. At the Paris zoo, the peasant takes his hat off to pelicans. He throws bread for them. One pelican feeds from his hand. Peasant and two other men feed elephants who extend their trunks through the bars of the cage. A child runs up and steals the peasant's rabbit from his basket without him noticing. Peasant accuses another man of stealing his rabbit and hits him with his umbrella. A policeman intervenes. The gendarme leads the peasant of to the police station. Peasant in a prison cell with a straw-covered floor. He holds his hands as if in prayer.

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