Film: 11115

Sport | 1890 | Silent | B/W


Bullfight 1890's

Horse riders enter bullring. They are followed by plume-wearing horses which are pulling a coach. Thirty matadors walk into the ring. The horse riding toreadors follow behind into the arena. Other participants walk into arena. Closer shot of matadors walking by. Toreadors stop at the camera. Camera pans to track bull in ring. Bull has six "banderillas" (long stake-like poles) already in his back. Matador, with his cape in his left hand stands face to face with the bull, he pierces his sword down through the upper portion of the bull's neck and through his heart. This is the final act of the "corrida”. Several shots of the matador trying to kill the bull by his sword.
The picadors stab their picks several times into the upper neck of the bull (this is the first act of the "corrida"). Bull attacks horse from side and pushes it across arena. Tormented bull shakes about (this is after the final act).
The dead bull is dragged from the ring by four small mules.

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