Film: 11119

Railways | 1890 | Silent | B/W


Phantom ride from front of railway train in Devon 1890's

Railway tracks ahead p.o.v. driver, tall houses on the right and sea wall on left passing two people on beach side, a small brick building and under a walkway with man standing.Travelling up a coastal inlet in Devon. Sea splashes occasionally against wall on left. People on beach with small pavilion like building and small carts with 'Pears' on them. The Journey continues passing workmen by footbridge before entering a dark tunnel, until light is seen at the other end. Rounding a slight bend and entering and exiting from another tunnel, emerging briefly and into another and under a bridge. Continuing along the coastal wall with large rocks and another tunnel before passing two men who appear to be fishing with a line from the sea wall. Another stretch of beach..

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