Film: 11128

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Railway train approaches railway tunnel from standing start as train passes in opposite direction. On right of tunnel we see plate with number 669 on it. This is the Shilla Mill Tunnel on the London and South Western Railway. As the train enters the tunnel in phantom ride style man (G. A. Smith himself) in top hat in studio set carriage approaches woman opposite him and kisses her two or three times. The man and woman separate and return to reading their newspaper and book respectively. Phantom ride out of tunnel.

Three shots linked together to tell a simple film story (for the first time ever?). A train on the LSWR enters a tunnel. (Shot 1). Mock-up of the interior of a first class carriage where an elderly well-dressed gentleman with a top hat proceeds to kiss a distinguished looking lady, apparently to the mutual satisfaction of both parties (Shot 2). A real shot of the view from the train as it emerges from the end of the tunnel. (Shot 3). The real shots are taken from 'View from an Engine Front: Shilla Mill Tunnel' (qv), simply by cutting the original 'Phantom Ride' scene in half. The carriage interior was built in the grounds of Smith's house in Wilbury Avenue, Hove.

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