Film: 11132

Feature Drama | 1890 | Silent | B/W


Fantasy piece about the Cinderella story. Fairy godmother creates two huge mice whom she turns into men. Cinderella places a large pumpkin on table. It becomes even bigger and is turned into a coach. Cinderella is then dressed in fine clothes. She gets in the coach, the coachmen get in and drive off. Fairy godmother sinks through the floor. Dancing at the ball. Cinderella approaches throne and kisses king's hand. Prince walks onto dancefloor and they dance. Cinderella tries to leave. Man appears with a large clock face and disappears in a cloud of smoke. Fairy godmother appears. Cinderella's clothes return to rags. Prince runs out after Cinderella with her glass slipper. At Cinderella's house. She enters and buries her head in her hands on the table. Grandfather clock starts moving about. Man appears. He hammers bell. Five maidens appear each holding clock face reading midnight. They change into clocks. Cinderella runs about frantically. Clocks change back into girls. Large clock face at 12 o'clock appears. Man hangs from middle of clock and kicks his legs. Two ugly sisters point to door. Cinderella opens it. Prince appears with slipper. It does not fit either sister. Prince sees Cinderella and fits it on her foot. Fairy godmother appears. Cinderella is in her finery again. Prince takes her by the hand. Sisters are put out and upset. People joyously wave as tuba player leads in the guards.

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