Film: 11148

Industry + Work | 1910 | Silent | B/W


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Making fireworks. Firing a huge shell. Men lead team of horses which are pulling a load. Men load hopper. Rocket fired - explosions of fireworks. Making rockets in factory. Men pasting paper and rolling tubes for rockets. Filling fireworks by hand. Outdoors - stack of large rockets put in frame, firing rockets. Huge cloud of smoke. Lots of fireworks at same time are fired. Preparing living fireworks and the night effect. Men wear asbestos suits laced with fireworks. They stand side-on to the camera. They box. The night effect of the fireworks which shows the men in outline. Making setpieces: preparing large firework displays, fitting fireworks to grills. Coronation Display, portraits of King George V and the Queen. Good portraits, rockets and Catherine wheels.

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