Film: 11172

London | 1930 | Sound | B/W


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Voice-over and sound of flames at Crystal Palace.
Quick establishing shot of Crystal Palace before the fire from the terrace in daytime.
Nighttime shots of fire engines rushing through streets. The fire with trees in the foreground. The fire from the air. Fire in the building. Firemen silhouetted against the flames. Part of the fire filmed from the tower.
Daytime aerial shots. Tower, smouldering ruin of the Crystal Palace. Ground shots of the skeleton of the building. Pan down the tower. Smoke haze. The Baird TV station in the south tower saved. More aerial shots. Staircase. A few pillars still standing. Aerials of smoking ruins.
Stills of 1854 surveyor and workmen and the grand opening with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert on dais.
Small crowd outside Crystal Palace the morning after the fire.

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