Film: 11176

Sport | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Excellent footage of 1920's football; clear and sharp picture quality portrays football Kit Fashion;
enormous crowd despite appalling weather have rearchived.

Huddersfield defeat Crystal Palace football team five goals to two in fifth round of the F. A. Cup on a snow covered Huddersfield pitch. Great football Kit Fashion;
enormous crowd despite appalling weather.

Handshake of captains. Referee hands coin to Huddersfield captain who tosses it so it lands on the ground. The Huddersfield captain is cold. Kickoff. The play - throw-in, corner, dribbling, sliding tackle in the snow, shooting, passing, goalkeeper in action. Huddersfield player scrambles a goal. Crystal Palace goalkeeper fetches the ball out of the net and punts it up-field.

Tittle card "Huddersfield: The cup coming to Yorkshire this year? Huddersfield (5) "runway" from Crystal Palace (2) in the fifth round round of journey towards Wembley" This film contains brief highlights of the fifth round F.A. Cup tie between Huddersfield Town and Crystal Palace, played at Leeds Road on 16 February 1929. The pitch is covered in snow, save for the pitch markings and goalmouths, which have been cleared. The clip starts with the two respective captains meeting, shaking hands, and tossing a coin for choise ends, supplied by the referee. The snow is still falling and both captains look uncomfortably cold. Huddersfield wear blue and white striped shirts, white shorts, and black socks. Palace wear claret and blue shirts, white shorts, and claret socks. All three look at the coin on the turf having been spin by the Huddersfield captain. The home side appearr to have been successful and allow Palace to koick-off. Long shot of players lined up ready to start. Palace swiftly lose the ball before the action cuts to what appears to be the second-half with Palace on the attack. Huddersfield clear the ball upfield to forward. Despite heavy tackle the ball breaks to another forward who turns and passes to a colleague. Cut to a ground level camera and the thick show on the pitch and the ensuing blizzard can clearly be seen. The huge crowd can be seen in the background, watching from the packed high terraces with no cover from the elements. Huddersfield are on the attack and the ball is played inside the Palace defender for a Hudderfield forward to run onto. Cut to another home attack down the left wing. The Terrier's forward manages to cross the ball but the Palace keeper plucks of the off the head of an onrushing forwards, retrieves, and throw the ball out as he crashes into another forward. Cut to a Palace attack, where the houses can be seen overlooking the terraces. The Palace forward is unable to control the ball and a defender clears to a colleague. He intern advances down the night wing and his intended forward pass is blocked by a Palace player. Cut to a Terrier's throw-in on the nihgt-wing. The ball is played forward but intercepted by the Palace defenders. Ground level camera angle with Palace heading clear a home attack. Cut to another home attack and the Palace keeper pushes out a goalbound shot. Huddersfield retrieve the ball and attack down the right wing. A Palace defender blocks an intended cross by sliding through the snow to block the ball. A Terriers comes as the Palace defence await delivery. The inswinging corner corner reaches the near post but is cleared. Cut to another home attack. Palace head away a cross then block a shot from the resultant clearance. A Palace player knocks the ball past an opponent and moves sideways towards the touchline. He plays the ball inside to a colleague who in turn passes it forward. Switch to the Palace goalmouth and a Huddersfield long throw is punched out by the keeper. The clearance is effected by another defender. Cut to a Huddersfield forward converting the ball for a goal with the keeper floundering on the floor. The jubilant home players runback upfield as Palace keeper Billy Callender retrieves the ball from the back of the net. He was to commit suicide at Palace's ground in 1932 after a training session. This as a result of depression caused by the death of his fiancee. Huddersfield had been beaten finalists the previous year.

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