Film: 11180

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Comedy with man chased by women 1900's

Smart man with moustache reads newspaper. He is reflected in a mirror to his side. He places a large flower in his buttonhole, grooms his hair and moustache in the mirror, checks his collar, takes up his hat and cane and leaves. Outside he paces in the street he raises his hat and talks to a woman who walks away. Another woman walks by and stops as he talks to her. Soon, ten women surround him. Man runs off through park pursued by women. One of the women falls over. Man stops horse carriage in street. He climbs through one door, and exits from the opposite door. Women follow him. Carriage moves off and woman falls off the back of it. Man climbs over a fence on a racecourse. Women follow him. Man runs across springy plank across stream. As women chase him one falls in. Man chases through wood and past sunken building. Women chase man down steep slope. He falls and is captured. First wife to capture him walks off with him arm in arm. The other women trudge off. One performs a cartwheel.

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