Film: 11186

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Dramatised account of the 1905 rebellion and mutiny of Battleship Potemkin at Odessa in Russia.

Cavalry ride by bodies. Russian warship cruises by. On deck of ship sailors eat food. It is obviously bad. Captain strides in and argues with sailors. Sailor is defiant and argues with captain who shoots him. Captain is overpowered. Two further officers on the bridge are overpowered and thrown over the side of ship [obvious dummies!]. Another officer is acceptable to the men and he becomes the leader. Men cheer. Men take off their caps as the body of the dead sailor is carried away. By the side of the side of the ship sailors stand as a guard of honour for their comrade. People walk up and are shown the dead sailor. They kneel down, cross themselves and give their support to the sailors. Ship fires gun at town (of Odessa which is obviously a model). Sailor cheers. Through a telescopic sight we see A Russian family escaping from a burning building. The new captain of the Potemkin cheers and looks through the telescope at Russian troops clubbing civilians. They use flails. Women attack a soldier. Model of the town. [We actually see a member of the film crew hiding in the model setting of explosives].

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