Film: 11188

Feature Comedy | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Scatalogical comedy 1900's

Set of railway waiting room. Man enters room where we see a door marked "water closets". He holds his stomach, he is desperate for a poo ('tortoise head'). He asks passing railway porter a question. The reply is a flick of the head to indicate direction. Man enters booth marked "telephone" (off side of screen). Inside the telephone booth the man pulls the flap of the wall mounted telephone down, he climbs on the telephone stool and takes his trousers down. He sits on the telephone flap and pulls expressions of sheer relief as he defecates copiously, thinking this is a toilet. Outside a man waits to use the telephone. The first man leaves the telephone booth smiling, and the second man enters. He falls out backwards with a handkerchief over his nose, and he holds his nose.

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