Film: 11190

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


Early melodrama 1900's

Woman sits outside her front door sewing. Her father returns, they hug, he gives her his rifle. They enter house. Woman emerges and postman gives her letter. She hides letter when her father appears at window and she rushes off. Nice shot of horse and cart crossing bridge. Man looks around for something. Girl appears. He grabs her and strangles her. He throws her body over the side of the bridge. Boy walks along by side of river. He runs when he sees girls body by side of river. Little boy fetches me who run to the river bank. Body lifted out of the river. Fencing is used as a stretcher. The men take the girl's body to the father. He cradles her, finds the letter and is anguished. He vows revenge. He fetches his gun and runs off. The men carry the girl's body into the house. The murderer is chased by three policemen. He knocks two down and runs. The father lies in wait and shoots the murderer. Police examine body. Old man shakes father's hand as he collapses against a tree.

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