Film: 11191

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


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Moral tale about alcoholism. People pass by wines and tobacco shop.
"La ravages de l'alcool. Sa femme vient le chercher au cabaret". People drinking in bar. Two men play game of dice and gamble. Loser is angry and demands another go. Loser loses again. He chides a woman and sends her away.
"Dans la mansarde. Misere". Wife and children in poverty in attic wrapped up warmly with head scarves. Cupboard is empty.
"Interior de menage ouvrier". A happy and prosperous family are shown as a contrast. Boy does his homework. Girl helps her grandmother sew. Mother folds tablecloth. Mother and grandmother lay the table. Father returns home to happy family, he kisses them all and they sit down to dinner.
"Le premier pas chez le marchand de vins". In street outside tobacconists people pass. Woman kisses boy. Two men greet in street and shake hands. They greet a third man and persuade him to go with them. Meanwhile in garret child rolls round on floor ill and in pain.
"A la maison des fous le cabanon delirium tremens!". A padded cell. Man struggles in a strait-jacket. Presumably he is an alcoholic. He gets out of his strait-jacket and is a pitiful sight - frightened and gesticulating. He collapses on the floor.

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