Film: 11192

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


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Subtitles. Stars Messrs. Le Bargy and Albert Lambert and Mlle. Gabrielle Robinne.
Woman enters room. She is dressed in period costume. Page enters and kisses her hand. King Henri III prepares to kill the Duc de Guise. King talks to courtiers and conspires with them. Courtier carries candlestick around to light the way. King reveals his plan to kill the Duke - men should surround the Duke. King looks through the window. Courtiers draw swords and king holds crucifix to them, then to his heart. King decides Duke will be stabbed with daggers. Courtiers kneel and are given daggers and are then sent out. One is told to stay briefly.
Courtiers sit and chat with guards standing by.

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