Film: 1121

Transport General | 1940 | Silent | Colour


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Road safety information film with a boy's hero engine driver advising the learning of road signs as the first step.

(3 cards superimposed over live action b/g of L.A. M.S. front of engine showing head-code). 3/4 front view of engine No, 850 standing light at platform showing head-code. (North side of platform 21 at waterloo). Driver gets up onto foot-plate from platform. On platform a man and a woman stand talking, a boy with them walks off towards camera to look at the engine. Boy walks across platform to stand beside engine. M.C.S. Over boys shoulder nameplate of engine 'Lord Nelson' polished brass on red painted b/g curved over centre driving wheel splasher. Boy exits frame R. C/B to 3/4 view as boy walks back to speak to driver on foot-plate. L.A. M.C.S. Driver on foot-plate talking to boy. H.A. C.U. Boy listening from drivers P.O.V. 'I'd like to drive an engine'. H.A. from foot-plate O.S. driver, boy talking and gesticulating. 'I'd go at 100 miles an hour'. CU.C. boys face talking ~ dissolve to ~ H.A. foot-plate with boy at regulator beside open firebox door. M.C.S. Looking across foot-plate, boy pulling on regulator with both hands. M.C.S. H.A. Part of buffer beam of engine from platform edge, steam blowing down from cylinders. M.C.S. H.A. Wheels and motion as engine starts up and moves away past camera r~1. M.S. Side of engine passes r~1 boy leaning out of cab in driver's position, camera pans round with boy. C.U. Fire-hole doors open, shovel-full of coal going onto fire. (This and some following shots are hand held and unsteady). View of fireman's side cab window showing the line ahead. H.A. View of track blurring past from fireman's position on foot-plate. M.C.S. Boy with hand on whistle, pulls it. Close up of Whistle blowing. (Faked cutaway). View of line ahead through fireman's side cab window as engine passes under two overbridges. L.A. Up and past 1~r station in b/g, similar engine with different head-code pulling carriages. M.S. Boy leaning out of cab 3/4 rear view. (Faked cutaway). M.S. Boy leaning out of cab 3/4 front view. (Faked cutaway). Passing track-side and suburban landscape from fireman's Point of view framed by cab side. View of track ahead. Close up of Fire-hole doors open, shovel-full of coal onto fire. View along boiler to chimney through fireman's side front window. Tracks blurring past looking slightly ahead from fireman's side. L.A. M.S. Boy puts head out round cab side to sight signal. (Faked cutaway). Approaching and passing a colour light signal gantry. View through fireman's side cab window favours signal displaying a red aspect which is set for the adjoining road. M.C.S. Boy pulls whistle handle. M.C.S. Whistle and safety valves on top of boiler (faked cutaway) ~ dissolve to ~ C.U. boys face looking up and talking to driver. L.A. M.C.S. Driver talks to boy, shakes his head. 'It's not quite like that son'. M.S. L.A. Side view of driver talking to boy - points to something. 'What about running to time?' Wider 2 shot, driver talking to boy who turns round to look where driver is pointing. C/A Southern 'Train Service' board with Ken Coast timetable posted. Boy turns back to driver and continues conversation. Jump to slightly wider shot. Driver steps down to platform, fireman takes his place on foot-plate, driver and boy walk over to luggage trolley parked on platform and sit down facing engine. M.C. 2 shot O.S. driver, boy talking. Empty carriage in b/g. 'And besides, I must keep my eyes open for signals'. M.C. 2 shot O.S. driver, boy talking. Jump cut to slightly wider shot. Boy points to something camera L. L.A. Three semaphore signal posts against sky, all signals at danger. Driver looks back at boy and continues talking. 'Yes - and a good many others besides'. Fade out. Fade in L.A. Signal bracket with four siding signals all at danger. M.S. Three aspect colour light signal (Wv87) showing red. M.S. Same signal post at eye showing shunting disc (WV107). Close up of Shunting disc (Wv107). Jump cut in shot to show change of position from danger to clear. L.A. Two pairs of upper quadrant semaphore home and distant signals, all at danger except left road home, jump cut in shot to show L. road with distant pulled off to clear. L.A. C.U. Ground signal at danger with E.M.U. in b/g. Fade out. Fade in. M.C. 2 shot, driver talking to boy. H.A. M.C. 2 shot O.S. driver, boy listening. M.S. Man and woman standing on platform look around to seer where boy has gone. M.C. 2 shot, driver talking to boy, 3rd class carriage in b/g. 'And if you want to be a driver sometime - now is the time to learn the meaning of road signs'.

Close up of Road sign - 30 m.p.h. speed limit. Close up of Road sign - 'SCHOOL' warning triangle. Close up of Road sign - 'CROSS ROAD' warning triangle. Close up of Road sign - 'LEVEL CROSSING' warning triangle. Close up of Road sign - 'Z BEND' warning triangle. C.U. Road sign - 'ROAD JUNCTION' warning triangle. C.U. Road sign - 'SLOW MAJOR ROAD AHEAD'. C.U. Road sign - end of speed restriction. C/B M.C. 2 shot O.S. boy, driver talking. Loose 2 shot O.S. driver, tender in b/g. They both stand up, walk across platform and stand beside foot-plate talking. M.C. 2 shot, driver (on L.) talks to boy and puts his hand on boy's shoulder. 'And when out walking the most important signs to you are those given by a policeman on point duty'. L.A. C.U. Semaphore signal arm at danger, fade out. Fade in, policeman's outstretched arm in same position in frame as he stands on point duty, back toward camera. '-And the pedestrian crossing'. M.S. School entrance gate in brick wall, nine boys and girls of primary age emerge onto pavement. School building seen behind Belisha beacon, camera tilts down to children waiting to cross the road standing behind policeman. Pedestrian crossing outside 'St. Marks College School', policeman in middle of road holding up Putney bound double deck bus as children cross, towards camera L. M.C.S. Policeman with children passing r~1 in f/g. Last of children cross and bus is waved on its way. 'Your Golden Rules are. Do what the policeman tells you. He is your best friend. Use the pedestrian crossing, go straight across, and keep your eyes open'. C/B M.C. 2 shot, driver and boy in front of foot-plate, they say goodbye and driver stars to mount cab steps. M.S. Driver gets up onto foot-plate, boy watching. View along platform, boy waves to driver as engine pulls past and away from camera. Direct reverse M.C.S. Boy Waving. Light engine away down platform. Fade out. Fade in. 'Produced for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents' (superimposed over RoSPA logo) ~ dissolve to ~ 'By the Southern Railway Film Unit' ~ dissolve to ~ 'The end'. (Both superimposed over live action b/g of L.A. M.S. front of engine showing head-code. Fade out.

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