Film: 11217

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


A crime from beginning to arrest and execution 1900's

Man asleep on bed. His door says "caisse" - "cashier". There is a large safe in the corner of the room. Burglar sneaks in, man wakes up and is stabbed. He collapses on bed and falls off. Thief opens safe and starts rifling through it. Injured man gets up and picks up a gun but falls down dead. Robber holds his wrist to confirm cashier is dead. He throws paper out of the safe and pockets some of it - cash, money.
Scene dissolves to bar or brothel where man is sitting with women. They have bottles of wine on the table. Men in top hats enter and man is arrested after a struggle.
Dissolve to mortuary where man is shown corpse for identification purposes. Corpse is uncovered then covered with a sheet.
Dissolve to prison cell. Convict asleep on bed. Guard asleep on chair. A series of tableaux appear above the men, presumably scenes from the man's life:
1. Carpenter greets his son and wife. Both parents kiss boy.
2. Man greet wife at dinner table. They kiss. Teenage boy enters and kisses parents. They sit down to dine.
3. Two men in bar sit and gamble. One leaves, other man enters and orders drink from barman.
The condemned cell. Men, including priest, gather in cell. Convict is led off.
Dissolve to scene where convict sits on trestle and is tied up. [Backdrop scenery badly painted!]. Priest starts saying prayers. Man's shirt is ripped open. Two guards open doors to reveal guillotine.
Dissolve to the guillotine scene. The execution is very quick. Man beheaded and thrown in coffin.

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