Film: 11244

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | Colour


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Seven adverts, including one featuring George Lazenby, others with Gerry Anderson puppets.

1) 0'38''
Service from the tray carried in a cinema. " Ice Cream time with Lyons Maid " Colourful patterns 'Butterkist' popcorn 'Sun-Pat' 'Ice cold drinks - Kiora' - 'Cigarettes and Confectionery'. Chocolates and sweets.
2) 0'18''
Animation. Zoom ice lolly launching, two astronauts puppets frm 'Fireball XL5', space picture cards with every Zoom.
3) 0'25''
'Fruit parfait' . Cat sitting on the lap of a woman , wheels , man with a clock . Fruit parfait.
4) 0'15''
'ABC announce another special service. Book your Butlins holiday. ABC Theatre'. Butlins holiday camp advert at ABC cinemas.
5) 0'19''
'Zoom', ice lolly zoom rocket launches from Tracy Island of Thunderbirds fame; Pa Tracy talks about new picture postcards of cars you can get when you buy Zoom lollipops.
6) 0'09''
'Velvet Lady dairy ice cream'
7) 0'26''
'Six new stars by Lyons Maid: Vanilla Kup, Super Choc Ice, Neopolitan Dairy Kup, Peach Sundae, Toff'n Choc Sundae, Tutti Frutti Dairy Kup'.

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