Film: 11246

Trailer | 1960 | Sound | B/W


Bollywood Trailer for 'Wahan Ke Log' starring 'Johnnie Walker'.
One of the top ten films in the archive!
A trailer for a wonderful combined space and spy story. A musical with western guitarists, in a very 1960's hippy style. Spacemen in suits, death rays, fighter planes, U.F.O's flying over the Taj Mahal.
Trailer words on the screen announce: "Here they come with a bang" as the flying saucers approach. "The greatest sensation of all times ... top mystery thriller of spy age ... the most enchanting tunes that will haunt you for life time ... the thrills and chills will hold you spellbound" as an exciting helicopter and car chase takes place. Men on motorcycles break through crowds of pursuers on foot - great back projection! "Eye catching glamorous dances ... action ... the picture is a must for entire family ... a picture packed with action, high tension, drama ... and latest scientific device ... a fight unto death between flying saucers and fighter planes."

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