Film: 11262

Dance | 1980 | Mute | Colour


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Oriental (Thai perhaps?) women in splendid Oriental costumes perform an elaborate dance 1980's

(this lasts a long time, in medium close shot, in one shot) - a break in the film occurs where it has been replaced with blank film (or less likely, blank film joins two separate but similar or same shots of dancing). In this second part the camera eventually moves away from the dancer's faces to look at their bare feet, then we glimpse crouching musicians near the dance area, before returning to the extremely stylised movements of the women, then back to the feet and legs, musicians visible behind.

[A separate film follows].

A dhow or junk Oriental boat sailing off shore of a modern city - possibly Hong Kong or Macau - once again, blank film interrupts the film - the boat passes and we see merchant ships in the harbour. We zoom in on another dhow or junk.

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