Film: 11265

Aviation | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Aviation 1910's

King George V and Queen Mary at Croydon for the first official recognition of the Royal Air Force as opposed to the Royal Flying Corps, the founding of the RAF. The King goes though the ritual of handing over his matches before entering an airfield hangar. Aircraft are Handley Page 0/400 bomber.
King George V and military officers walk along front rank of RAF man stood to attention. At entrance to hangar, George V, the Duke of York (later George VI) and other men rummage in their trouser pockets. They place their tobacco pouches on a table. In the open cockpit of the Handley Page bomber, George V is shown the controls. George V wearing a large white flying coat steps out of bottom of aircraft. He takes coat off and hands it to R.A.F. officer. Queen Mary emerges from underneath aircraft.

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